Great Ideas For Basic Woodworking Projects – 7 Favorite Categories of Creative Woodworkers

So many ideas for woodworking projects on the market, what’s it likely to be next? If you have access to the same insane volume of quality projects as I do, than you realize exactly how easy deciding on the next great project is.

I went from struggling to find some quality project plans to work from, to using them in great abundance – that was welcomed turn-around! Okay, just giving a simple consider my top Basic woodworking project categories, read about many of the projects that I’ve either completed or take prescription my project radar.

Now I’m convinced there’s I mention in here which will remind you of a project you once looked at doing but maybe forgotten about–let’s see if we are able to spark your memory.


7 Categories Filled With Ideas for Woodworking Projects

Inside Projects – computer desk, DVD holder, fireplace & mantel surrounds, coasters, kitchen projects, cutting boards, bunk beds, shelving units

Outside – decks, sheds, barns, fences, gazebos, playhouse, pergola

Kids – toys, wagons, chairs, games, clocks, desks, easel, beds

Pets – dog house, cat walks, cat house, bird house, squirrel dens, chicken house, rabbit hutch, be hives

Garage – shelving units, cabinets, work benches, garage plans, router table, tool box Garden – arbor, techniques, compost bins, cold frame, trellis, windmill

Yourself – CD storage, DVD storage, games, tool box, work benches, hammock

Just a little bit of potential fun in them there projects. I could go on and on for day instead of use up all your ideas for woodworking projects. So many fine quality woodworking projects it’s tough to choose. You too may have the same project selection problem because this, earlier than you think that.