How to Build a Wood Bed Frame?

Have you ever considered tips on how to make a wood bed frame with your own individual hands as opposed to going to the furniture shop and getting one? This is a great idea because you have a freedom of and know just what exactly you will need for the bedroom.

What Do You Need?

  • 2, 8ft x 8ft hardwood boards foot and head
  • 4, 3ft high density hardwood pegs
  • 15, 76″ medium density hardwood pegs
  • Hammer, Nail, Chisel, Hardening solution, Varnish, Saw Screw, Sand paper, Drill


Step 1 – Choice of Bed Size

It is most significant that you simply know very well what size mattress you’ve got or if you wish to customize the size, may be upgrade from your queen with a king, make sure your living space should be able to hold it.

Step 2 – Choice of Wood

You have to take this seriously because this is what’s going to contain the weight for the bed completely. When you choose your wood pieces you will need to choose the ones that are straight instead of curved simply because this could possibly get your sleeping uncomfortable. It is necessary that you get wood that’s an inch thick.

Step 3 – Creating the Headboard

You is going to be setting up a 68″headboard. Once you’ve the wood ready you are able to design it in almost any shape that you would like perhaps a fancy one, or you are able to only make a clear rectangular headboard. Once the headboard is ready you may need to nail its nearly everywhere with a high-density peg.

Step 4 – The Side railings

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You can should saw a couple of wood planks that are of the size 80″ x 18″ and you will need to put them horizontally nearby the headboard. Once these are ready you need to use the sand paper to merely smooth it out after which attach these phones the high-density pegs with the headboard.

Step 5 – The End board

This is where you’ll need to be extremely careful simply because this needs to be in complete correspondence with the headboard that’s created, failing which your bed frame will appear lopsided.

Step 6 – The Surface in the Bed

This is where you make use of the 15 medium density hardwood pegs. You should be extremely cautious as this is the place that the weight of all the so-called people sleeping about the bed is going to fall along with your precision needs to be perfect. Spread these 15 pegs from the side railings.

At the end of all these pegs, you will need to drill holes in the side railing. Use the screws and connect the pegs with the railings together. To ensure maximum safety and durability you are able to hammer in certain nails at the same time.

Step 7 – Final Touches

Look at any irregularities about the wood that you have used and smooth them out using the sand paper. You now should apply the hardwood solution and the varnish to ensure that the bed withholds any difference in temperature.

You now have your complete wooden bed frame ready. You can be proud of your achievement because it’s your creativity which has been placed into use here and shortly you should be able to use designs involved with it and make wonderful frames on your house.