Simple Woodworking Projects – Additional Ideas

Simple Woodworking Projects – Additional Ideas

Simple woodworking projects are available both online and offline. Today, the information on a woodworking project’s too easily available and sometimes it can become somewhat overwhelming.

Looking out for the number of woodworking plans provided by a professional author with concise instructions would then really make sense. So, simply to recap on some basic requirements just before started:

– How much time will this take me?
– How costly can it be?
– Would I need the assistance of others?
– Do I have all the tools?
– Can I access every one of the materials?


So, let’s take a glimpse at some ideas for simple woodworking projects.

-Bird Feeder

A bird feeder/ bird bath is usually an easy starter project to consider as there are only some components to generate. The type of timber used though is highly recommended carefully as durability is a problem. So, select woods like: cedar or redwood- a thing that doesn’t require the usage of protection stains which are harmful.


Consider the use of adjustable shelves that can be moved up or down when it comes to storing everyday objects. Ornamental artifacts like photos and trophies would use static shelves.

Choices of material vary from MDF, timber-veneer or it could be the most used: pine. Practically every home needs more safe-keeping. Shelves and their assembly could definitely make a perfect, simple woodworking project.

-Dog House

A dog house needs to be tailored towards the size your puppy. It should be large enough to your pet to face up and move comfortably around within it. A medium size construction could be one metre by 80cm.

Ply sheets and treated pine make ideal timber for this project. A great tip is to literally hammer their nails in with an angle when assembling the walls, for really strength. Don’t treat the lining nevertheless the exterior should be finished off with gloss or semi gloss with regard to added protection.