Woodturning Projects For Beginners – From Hobby To Selling

Woodturning project ideas, or the craft of making objects from different wood materials, can be an interesting woodworking hobby of many people. With free woodturning projects videos online and simple woodturning tools, there are thousand of things to make on a wood lathe.

This kind of woodworking involves the spinning movement with the wood that is shaped with special tools as well as the use of a stationary tool called a lathe. This equipment resembles a table with legs.

A number of tools which perform different functions, are applied to the wood. In by doing this the piece is cut, shaped, drilled, sanded or knurled. Generally, you can create any kind object using the utilization of a lathe.

Woodturning Project That Sell

Today, this craft has turned into an intriguing hobby. You can work with a motorized lathe to create all sort of functional and decorative objects personally. You can turn your hobby right into a business since original, unique and personalized items crafted in by doing this are highly valued.

Wooden pencils and pens were made with the use of motorized lathes. Various other objects including chess pieces and musical instruments were produced in using this method also.

Woodturning Tools and Project Kits

As a start, you must look for a reliable woodturning lathe. You should select one with woodturning tools made through the strongest steel. In this way they work effectively efficiently for.

There are all kinds of woodturning tools you will want to equip yourself with.

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You will need a roughing gouge for that initial rounding with the wood. A spindle gouge will help you to create all sorts of details. You will need a bowl gouge, a bowl saver as well as a hollowing tool also.

The hollowing tool can be used to the making of deeper cuts. You will have to use a skew chisel along with a specific scraper to smooth the wood. The auger is utilized for that drilling of holes. You will have to use a parting tool to separate the wood piece in the lathe.

Woodturning Techniques

There are many woodturning techniques that can be used to create a variety of beautiful objects. Spindle turning could be the simplest and quite a few common method used for that making of furniture parts, spindles and pens.

The spur center digs in the wood. The other center supports the task piece. In faceplate woodturning, the thing is secured with screws to some faceplate and after that a power tool is useful for its crafting. This technique can be used for that making of hollow objects like bowls and platters.

More elaborate techniques involve eccentric and elliptical turning. The former is characterized through the turning of the wood piece a number of times with the axes of rotation being changed each time.

Elliptical turning requires the alteration in the actual center of rotation from the piece. In by doing this the cuts become oval rather than round. Therming and segment turning is also popular techniques.

Woodturning is interesting, rewarding and fun. It requires lots of work, however, your efforts pays off inside end. The important thing would be to take all safety measures when working.